tarikh-e sarkashi-e *zila-e bijnor*
History of the *Bijnor* Rebellion (1858)
by Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan
translated by Hafeez Malik and Morris Dembo
*Preface* and *Introduction* by Hafeez Malik (1970's)
*Editor's introduction by FWP, 2007*
*Preface by Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan, 1858*
*1 -- Spread of the Mutiny*
*2 -- Transfer of Power to Nawab Mahmud Khan*
*3 -- Nawab Mahmud Khan's Relations with the Hindu Landlords*
*4 -- Battle of Bijnor and Defeat of Nawab Mahmud Khan*
*5 -- The Appearance of the Muhammadi Flag*
*6 -- The Battle of Ambasut and the British Victory*
*7 -- Conclusion*

1) *Reverend E. Edmond's Letter*

2) *Proclamation by the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal*

3) *"The Old Pindaree" by Sir Alfred Lyall*

4) *Sir Sayyid's Prayer for Peace at Moradabad*

5) *Sir Sayyid's Letter of 1869 to Sir John Kaye*, and
*the original letter in Sir Sayyid's own handwriting*
*Bijnor District, according to the Imperial Gazetteer*
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