Altaf Husain 'HALI'

== Sir Abdul Qadir on Hali in two accounts, 1898 and 1947: [on this site]

== An excerpt from "The Age of Azad and Hali," by Ram Babu Saksena, in A History of Urdu Literature (Allahabad, 1927): [on this site]

== "Altaf Husain Hali's Ideas on Ghazal," by Alessandro Bausani (Charisteria Orientalia, 1956): [on this site]

== "Hali and his Muqaddamah: the Creation of a Literary Attitude in Nineteenth-Century India," by Laurel Steele: *Annual of Urdu Studies 1 (1981)*

== Nets of Awareness: Urdu Poetry and Its Critics, by FWP (1994), contains much discussion of Hali in Part One: *Univ. of California Press*  


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