gesuu-e taabdaar ko

Published in baal-e jibriil (The Wing of Gabriel) (1935).
From: kulliyaat-e iqbaal urduu
(Lahore: Shaikh Ghulam 'Ali and Sons Publishers, 1973 (and later reprints), *p. 299*

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Urdu spellings reflect adjustments made for the sake of the meter.
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gesu-e taabdaar ko aur bhii taabdaar kar
hosh-o-;xirad shikaar kar, qalb-o-na:zar shikaar kar !
1) make the curly locks even curlier
2) hunt down awareness and intellect, hunt down heart and sight!
= In the ghazal tradition, the beloved's curls are often imagined as snares that she sets to trap her prey. And of course, the beloved is often metaphorically God.
= The intimate address (the beloved as ' tuu ') adds to the feeling of semi-erotic ardor.
((ishq bhii ho ;hijaab me;N , ;husn bhii ho ;hijaab me;N !
yaa to ;xvud aashkaar ho yaa mujhe aashkaar kar !
1) passion too might be in the veil, beauty too might be in the veil!
2) either yourself become revealed, or reveal me!
= How to translate the subjunctives in the first line? 'Might be'? 'Let it be'? 'Would be'?
= The ' ho ' forms in the first line could also be taken as imperatives, parallel to those in the second line: 'Become passion within the veil, become beauty within the veil!'
= Here as elsewhere, the exclamation points are Iqbal's own; if I felt entitled, I'd delete them, since I think they weaken the autonomy and abstractness of the verse.
tuu hai mu;hii:t-e bekiraa;N , mai;N huu;N ;zaraa-sii aab-juu
yaa mujhe ham-kinaar kar yaa mujhe be-kinaar kar !
1) you are a fathomless ocean, I am a tiny-ish water-channel
2) either make me a shore-sharer, or make me shoreless!
= A ravishing verse, isn't it? I always think of it as evoking the great choice between dualism (let me have a common 'shore' with you) and some kind of pantheistic monism (dissolve my identity entirely).
mai;N huu;N .sadaf to tere haath mere guhar kii aabruu
mai;N huu;N ;xazaf to tuu mujhe gauhar-e shaahvaar kar !
1) if I am an oyster-shell, then in your hand is the brightness/honor of my pearl
2) if I am a pottery-shard, then make me a royal pearl!
= .sadaf is not a (pearl-making) oyster, but the shell material, mother-of-pearl; this makes the very existence of the 'pearl' more hypothetical
= Check out all the wordplay potential of the various meanings of aabruu , Platts p. 2
= the two spellings of 'pearl' -- guhar vs. gauhar -- are a permissible variation for the sake of the meter
= .sadaf and ;xazaf as echo-words of partly similar and partly different meaning are obviously the heart of this verse; a ghazal's formal constraints often yield such rewards
na;Gmah-e nau-bahaar agar mere na.siib me;N nah ho
is dam-e niim-soz ko :taa))irak-e bahaar kar !
1) if the melody of the new spring would not be in my destiny
2) make this half-burnt breath a small bird of spring!
baa;G-e bihisht se mujhe ;hukm-e safar diyaa thaa kyuu;N ?
kaar-e jahaa;N daraaz hai , ab miraa inti:zaar kar !
1) from the garden of Paradise, why did you give me the order to travel?
2) the work of the world is long-- now wait for me!
roz-e ;hisaab jab miraa pesh ho daftar-e ((amal
aap bhii sharmsaar ho , mujh ko bhii sharmsaar kar !
1) on the day of accounts, when my ledger of deeds would be presented
2) you yourself too be ashamed-- make me ashamed too!

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