Published in baa;Ng-e daraa (The Sound of the Bell) (1924).
From: kulliyaat-e iqbaal urduu (Lahore: Shaikh Ghulam 'Ali and Sons Publishers, 1973 (and later reprints), *pp. 126-27*
Notice the spatial layout of the lines on the page, which I can't easily reproduce.

a nazm; *meter*: = = - / - = - = / - = =
(the third and fourth syllables may be replaced by one long)

Urdu spellings reflect adjustments made for the sake of the meter.
See the 'script bar' at the bottom of the page for viewing choices.

Here's *a serial glossary*.

1) this is a strange cruelty of nature!
qudrat ka ((ajiib yih sitam hai !
2) it made man a secret-seeker
insaan ko raaz-juu banaayaa
3) it hid the secret from his gaze
raaz us kii nigaah se chhupaayaa
4) the relish of awareness is restless
betaab hai ;zauq aagahii kaa
5) the mystery of life does not become revealed
khultaa nahii;N bhed zindagii kaa
6) amazement is the beginning and the consummation
;hairat aa;Gaaz-o-intihaa hai
7) in the mirror-house, what else is there?
aa))iine ke ghar me;N aur kyaa hai ?
8) the wave of the river is eager to move
hai garm-e ;xiraam mauj-e daryaa
9) the river is on the road toward the ocean
daryaa suu-e ba;hr jaadah-pemaa
10) the wind is carrying the cloud away
baadal ko havaa u;Raa rahii hai
11) it is bearing it on its shoulders
shaano;N pah u;Thaa))e laa rahii hai
12) the stars are intoxicated with the wine of destiny
taare mast-e sharaab-e taqdiir
13) in the prison of the sky, with feet chained
zindaan-e falak me;N paa bazanjiir
14) the sun, that dawn-creating worshipper
;xvurshiid , vuh ((aabid-e sa;har-;xez
15) is about to bring the message, "arise"
= The quotation marks, like other punctuation marks in the Urdu, are supplied by Iqbal himself
laane-vaalaa payaam-e " bar-;xez "
16) having hidden itself in the hills of the west
ma;Grib kii pahaa;Riyo;N me;N chhup kar
17) it drinks the cup of the wine of sunset
piitaa hai may-e shafaq kaa saa;Gar
18) everything seizes the relish of existence
la;z;zat-giir-e vujuud har shay
19) everything is intoxicated with the wine of presence
sar-mast-e may-e numuud har shay
20) there's no sympathizer for man
ko))ii nahii;N ;Gam-gusaar-e insaa;N !
21) how bitter is the livelihood of man!
kyaa tal;x hai rozgaar-e insaa;N !

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