jaam((iyat-e aqvaam , "The League of Nations"

Published in .zarb-e kaliim (The Strike of Moses) (1936).
From: kulliyaat-e iqbaal urduu (Lahore: Shaikh Ghulam 'Ali and Sons Publishers, 1973 (and later reprints), *p. 618*

a ghazal; *meter*: = = - / = - = - / - = = - / = - =

Urdu spellings reflect adjustments made for the sake of the meter.
See the 'script bar' at the bottom of the page for viewing choices.

the poor thing has been gasping for breath for some days,
I fear that bad news might emerge from my mouth.
be-chaarii ka))ii roz se dam to;R rahii hai
;Dar hai ;xabar-e bad nah mire mu;Nh se nikal jaa))e
its fate seems to be sealed, but
the prayer of the elders of the church is that it would be deferred
taqdiir to mubram na:zar aatii hai valekin
piiraan-e kaliisaa kii du((aa yih hai kih ;Tal jaa))e
it's possible that this creature of the European oppressor
might, through the amulet of Satan, hold on for some days!
mumkin hai kih yih daashtah-e piirak-e afrang
ibliis ke ta((vii;z se kuchh roz sa;Nbhal jaa))e!


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