masjid-e qur:tubah
hispaaniyah kii sar-zamii;N bi'l-;xu.suu.s qur:tabah me;N likhii ga))ii

Published in baal-e jibriil (The Wing of Gabriel) (1935).
From: kulliyaat-e iqbaal urduu
(Lahore: Shaikh Ghulam 'Ali and Sons Publishers, 1973 (and later reprints), pp. 385-393

a paa-band na:zm ; *meter*: = - - = / = - = // = - - = / = - =
(in this meter, an extra short 'cheat' syllable is permitted at the caesura)

Urdu spellings reflect adjustments made for the sake of the meter.
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This is a long nazm, and one of Iqbal's finest poems. It consists of eight stanzas [band] in the same meter, each of which is made up, formally speaking, of a seven-verse ghazal, followed by an extra internally-rhymed verse with different rhyming elements (technically, a ma:tla(( ) that is calligraphed very emphatically, as a kind of ;Tiip or 'punch-line' verse. My translation is as literal as it can possibly be, since it's meant for students of the poem and not for literary effect in English; I've also offered some annotations. The poem is full of resonant phrases, rhythmic repetitions, and internal rhyme; it really demands to be recited aloud, with feeling. Iqbal visited Cordoba and saw the Mosque during his European trip of 1931-32; it had long since been converted into a cathedral.

*A modern visitor's view-- and some photos of Iqbal's visit*

*More images of the Mosque of Cordoba*

*A recitation by Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Aug. 1984*

*sung by Malika Pukhraj and Tahira Syed*; *sung by Ghulam Ali*; *sung by Tina Sani*

*the whole Urdu text*; *the whole Urdu text (one band on each page)*; *a serial glossary*; *a transliteration*

"Mosque of Cordoba" (c.1932)
("written in the land of Spain, and especially in Cordoba")

*stanza one*
*stanza two*
*stanza three*
*stanza four*
*stanza five*
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