javaab-e shikvah
stanzas 11 through 15
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"From the page of the world, who erased falsehood?
Who freed the human race from slavery?

  ==Compare Shikvah, stanza 13.
"Who, with their foreheads, established my Ka'bah?
Who pressed my Qur'an to their breast?
"They were your fathers, of course-- but what are  you?
With hands folded together, you wait for tomorrow!
   ==That is, your ancestors were active, while you are merely passive.
"What did you say? That for the Muslims there's only the promise of a Houri?
If someone would make even an inappropriate complaint, it's necessary to have awareness!
  ==Compare Shikvah, stanza 16.
"Justice is, from the eternity before time, the custom of the Creator of Existence;
If a Muslim would by law become an infidel, then Houris and palaces would be available.
"Among you, there's not even any desirer of Houris.
The glory/appearance of Tur is present-- there's not even any Moses.
  ==Tur is where Hazrat Musa experienced the presence of God.
"The benefit of this community is one; its harm too is one.
Everyone's Prophet is one, religion is one, faith too is one.
"The Pure Sanctuary [=Ka'bah] too, Allah too, the Qur'an too is one,
It was a rather important matter, that the Muslims too used to be one.
"Somewhere there is factionalism, somewhere else there's individualism!
Are these the ways to flourish in the age?
"Who is a renouncer of the laws of the authoritative Prophet?
The counsel of the time is the touchstone of whose action?
"In whose eyes are gathered the practices of others?
Whose gaze has become disaffected with the style of the ancestors?
"No burning in the heart, no feeling in the spirit--
For the message of Muhammad, you have no respect at all!
"If people go and form lines [for prayer] in the mosques, then it's the poor.
If people are inclined to take the trouble of fasting, then it's the poor.
"If someone takes our name, then it's a poor person.
If someone maintains your honor, then it's a poor person.
"The rich, in the intoxication of wealth, are heedless of us,
The pure community is alive through the poor.

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