Ismat Chughtai (1915-1991)


 *Chauthi ka jora (The 'fourth-day' outfit) (1946)*, in an extremely literal, annotated, text-linked translation by FWP (2007)
[*Part 1: the women in the sihdari*]
[*Part 2: Abba Jan's death*]
[*Part 3: Rahat arrives*]
[*Part 4: oil-cake kababs*
[*Part 5: a handmade sweater*]
[*Part 6: the women take counsel together*]
[*Part 7: a last-ditch effort*]
[*Part 8: afterwards*]


=="The Beguiling Ismat Chughtai Through Her Own Words," trans. by Tahira Naqvi, *The Wire, August 2015*

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==Ismat Chughtai, "The quilt" [lihaaf ]: *Urdu text*; *Devanagari text*


==Rakhshanda Jalil, ed., An Uncivil Woman (New Delhi: OUP, 2018): *a review*

==Tahira Naqvi, "To Be A Gentle Coloniser" [on translating Ismat]: *Kindle, Aug. 2015*

==A Facebook group page for Ismat Chughtai, maintained by Tahira Naqvi, *Facebook, 2013*

==*SAWNET* [an overview of her life]

==*Naseeruddin Shah, interview, 2004* [he adapts her stories for the stage]

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=="Ismat Chughtai: A talk with one of Urdu's most outspoken women writers," *Mahfil 8,2-3 (Summer-Fall 1972)*; this talk includes much discussion of her friend *Manto*

==Some background:
Maulana Ashraf 'Ali Thanavi (1864-1943) was the author of "Bihishti Zevar," or "Heavenly Jewels" (c.1900), an enduringly popular advice manual for (Sunni) women: *an Urdu text*; *a translation*



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