ma;snavii si;hr ul-bayaan

"Sihr ul-Bayan"

by Mir Hasan (1736/7-1786)

(the most famous Urdu masnavi)

*INDEX OF CHAPTERS (text and glossary)

*a manuscript text of the masnavi*


~~ *Chapter 3 of Three Mughal Poets: Mir Sauda, Mir Hasan*, by Ralph Russell and Khurshidul Islam (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1968); presented here through the generous permission of Ralph Russell

~~ *Aab-e hayaat* (1880) by Muhammad Husain Azad, on Mir Hasan

~~ *A History of Urdu Literature* (1964) by Muhammad Sadiq, on Mir Hasan


ma;snavii zahr-e ((ishq

"The Poison of Love"

by Sayyid Tasadduq Husain, Mirza 'Shauq' (1773-1871)

*Urdu text*, ed. by Majnun Gorakhpuri (Gorakhpur: Aivan-e Isha'at, 1930, with beautiful calligraphy)
*glossary* (SOAS teaching materials, 1970's)
*translation* (SOAS teaching materials, 1970's)


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