Maulvi Nazir Ahmad (1831-1912) and his best-sellers

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== The New School of Urdu Literature (1898) and Famous Urdu Poets and Writers (1947) by Sir Abdul Qadir: [on this site]

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== "Nazir Ahmad's Letter to His Son," trans. by Ralph Russell: *Annual of Urdu Studies 18 (2003)*


"The Bride's Mirror" (1869)

a translation by G. E. Ward (1903)

*tltle page (1903)* -- *Preface to Ward's annotated and transliterated edition (1899)*

*Author's Preface*; *Ward's transliteration*; *Ward's notes*; *modern Urdu text*

*Author's Introduction*; *Ward's transliteration*; *Ward's notes*; *modern Urdu text*

*Chapter 1*; *Ward's transliteration*; *Ward's notes*; *modern Urdu text*

*Chapter 2*; *Ward's transliteration*; *Ward's notes*; *modern Urdu text*

*Ward's glossary for the whole novel*

*Chapters 1-5*; *modern Urdu text*

\*Chapters 6-10*; *modern Urdu text*

*Chapters 11-15*; *modern Urdu text*

*Chapters 16-20*; *modern Urdu text*

*Chapters 21-25*; *modern Urdu text*
*schoolroom scene from Chapter 22, enlarged for readability*

*Chapters 26-31*; *modern Urdu text*


"The Repentance of Nussooh" (1874)

an abridged translation by M. Kempson (1884)
accompanied by his Urdu text and notes for the first five chapters

*Translator's preface (1884)*; *prefatory material from an annotated Urdu edition, 1921*; *introduction, 1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter One*: Nussooh's Dream
*Kempson's Urdu text with notes*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Two*: Nussooh's Awakening
*Kempson's Urdu text with notes*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Three*: Fahmeedah's Conversation with her Second Daughter, Humeedah
*Kempson's Urdu text with notes*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Four*: Nussooh talks with the Younger Son, Sulleem
*Kempson's Urdu text with notes*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Five*: Fahmeedah's Quarrel with her Eldest Daughter, Naeemah
*Kempson's Urdu text with notes*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Six*: Nussooh's Interview with Ulleem, his Second Son

*Chapter Seven*: Nussooh sends for his Eldest Son, Kulleem

*Chapter Eight*: Naeemah and Salihah

*Chapter Nine*: Nussooh burns the Books and Property of his Eldest Son
*Urdu text, Majlis Taraqqi-e Adab, Lahore 1964*; *1921 Urdu text*

*Chapter Ten*: What befell Kulleem

*Chapter Eleven*: Cousin Fitrut

*Chapter Twelve*: Daulatabad

*Chapter Thirteen*: Naeemah and Kulleem


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