about the text

The text that I've used for this story is the first edition: phu;Ndne ('Tassels') (Lahore: Maktabah-e Jadid, 1955), pp. 7-20; here it is *in pdf form*. You may find, as I did, that other editions of the story have often been carelessly reproduced, and/or casually "modernized," and are thus full of small inaccuracies of editing and calligraphy. So here, thanks to the Michigan State University Library, we have the gold standard. The pages of this original edition are reproduced in facsimile as part of the study site, with each page hyperlinked appropriately into the translation through small page numbers within asterisks.

But I've also created my own typed version of the text, since it has certain advantages of flexibility. This text follows the first edition in every detail. For convenience, I've divided it into fourteen sections, which are presented through large hyperlinked numbers in square brackets within the translation as well.

If you're an Urdu student, notice that at the bottom of every Urdu page there's a 'script bar' that gives you viewing choices, as well as a link to the invaluable Platts Dictionary. Also, notice that I retain from the first edition its now somewhat archaic punctuation: frequently sentences appear to end, when really only clauses have ended.

If you're a Hindi student, and read the text in Devanagari script, you'll notice that the vocabulary is mostly quite colloquial and you shouldn't find it too much of a stretch. But please note that the script display has been modified to eliminate conjunct consonants, and to display the Urdu letter 'ain, so that the spelling doesn't accurately reflect modern Devanagari script spelling. This has been done for reasons connected with the display of "A Desertful of Roses," and we hope to improve the Devanagari script display over time.

If you're a student of either kind, you'll find *Naim's notes* very helpful.


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