UMRA'O JAN "ADA" (1899)

by Mirza Muhammad Hadi "Rusva" (1857-1931)


*Introduction by FWP*
*proof that it's a novel, not an autobiography*

The novel begins with a mushairah:
*1a* ~~ The narrator, "Mirza Rusva," meets with his friends
~~ Umrao Jan joins the gathering
~~ Arrangements for the mushairah
~~ Umrao Jan recites a ghazal
~~ The Khan Sahib's and the Navab Sahib's turns
~~ Pandit-ji's recitation
~~ Shaikh Sahib's ghazal, and Mirza Sahib's excuses
~~ Rusva recites his own ghazal
~~ Rusva reads Mirza Sahib's ghazal
~~ A visiting poet satirizes mushairah behavior:
verses *1-15* -- *16-30* -- *31-46*

~~ Agha Sahib's long and controversial ghazal:
verses *1-8* -- *9-15* -- *16-17*

~~ After the mushairah

~~~~~ ~~~~~

*pre-1857 drawings of nautch girls* ~~ *post-1857 drawings of nautch girls*
*early photographs of nautch girls*


*Philip Lutgendorf on the 1981 film*
*a transcript of the 1981 film, made by the staff of the Berkeley Urdu Language Program in Pakistan*; and their *glossary*
*a Devanagari text and serial glossary for the 1981 film*

Ghazals by *Shahryar* from the 1981 film:
*dil chiz kya hai* ~~ *justaju jis ki* ~~ *in ankhon ki masti* ~~ *zindagi jab bhi* ~~ *yih kya jagah hai* ~~ *jab bhi milti hai*

*about the 2006 film*
*a review: Ziya us-Salam in The Hindu, Nov. 5, 2006*
*the filmmaker responds in Indiatimes*
*a review: Mamun M. Adil in Dawn, Nov. 26, 2006*

*a Pakistani television series, 2003*

*a song from the 1972 Pakistani film (Noor Jehan)*
*and another (Runa Laila)*
*and one more*


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