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After that he began to read Mirza Sahib's ghazal. 

us ke ba((d mirzaa .saa;hib kii ;Gazal pa;Rhnaa shuruu kii _

1) Last night when somehow she became late
The world became desolate/black before our eyes 

==The meter of this ghazal is #5 in the *meter list*.

kal raat ko unhe;N jo kahii;N der ho ga))ii
dunyaa hamaarii aa;Nkho;N me;N andher ho ga))ii
2) Perhaps the days of death are near, oh Life
Of you my temperament has had entirely enough 
marne ke din qariib hai;N shaayad kih ay ;hayaat
tujh se :tabii((at apnii bahut ser ho ga))ii
3) Frivolous longings didn't let us live
If wisdom was suppressed by these sinners 
behuudah ;xvaahisho;N ne nah jiine diyaa hame;N
in mo;ziyo;N se ((aql agar zer ho ga))ii
4) Oh Death, what's happened to you? dammit, come!
It's taking her a long, long time to come 
ay maut tujh ko kyaa hu))aa tuu hii balaa se aa
un ko to aate aate ba;Rii der ho ga))ii
5) Now you've learned about my destructions
What can I say? my lifetime was spent like this 
merii tabaahiyo;N kii tumhe;N ab ;xabar hu))ii
kyaa puuchhte ho ((umr yuu;Nhii ter ho ga))ii
6) Today we've gotten from her a promise of coming
My breath leaves me with fear that somehow she might be late
aaj un se ham ne aane kaa va((dah liyaa to hai
dam hii nikal gayaa jo kahii;N der ho ga))ii
7) You should have moved away from me, oh Languor
You wretch, you've come and camped here! 
;Talnaa thaa mere paas se ay kaahilii tujhe
kam-ba;xt tuu to aa ke yahii;N ;Dher ho ga))ii
8) The longing for sin was suppressed like a cat
From being fondled it swelled up, it became a tiger 
dubkii hu))ii thii gurbah .sifat ;xvaahish-e gunaah
chumkaarne se phuul ga))ii sher ho ga))ii

9) Mirza won't come to grace the mushairah
How long can we wait? it's become very late

==The idea is that other people are saying this about the Mirza Sahib in his absence; the implication is that his absence is caused by one or another dire circumstance of a lover's life.

mirzaa mushaa((ire me;N nah tashriif laa))e;Nge
taa chand inti:zaar ba;Rii der ho ga))ii

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