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16) you are, by God, better than they
in short, by God, you are better! 
un se vall;aah aap achchhe hai;N
;sam ba all;aah aap achchhe hai;N
17) your style is somewhere beyond [theirs]
is it weighing the subtleties, or is it a miracle? 
kahii;N ba;Rh kar hai aap kaa andaaz
nuktah-sanjii hai yaa kih hai i((jaaz
18) you are the power-manifestation of Meaning
in reality, you are the lord of Meaning! 
aap qudrat-numaa-e ma((nii hai;N
fii'l-;haqiiqat ;xudaa-e ma((nii hai;N
19) in your presence, who would open his mouth?
who has the power to say anything? 
aap ke aage kaun mu;Nh khole
kis kaa maqduur hai jo kuchh bole
20) this style is your portion [alone]
this miracle is your portion [alone] 
hai yih andaaz aap kaa ;hi.s.sah
hai yih i((jaaz aap kaa ;hi.s.sah
21) in our heart we have already meditated on it
there's only you, and nobody else 
dil me;N ham ;xuub kar chuke hai;N ;Gor
aap hii aap hai;N nahii;N ko))ii aur
22) you and like this, you are like that
we consider that you are such 
aap aise hai;N aap vaise hai;N
ham samajhte hai;N aap jaise hai;N
23) how would you recognize your own worth?
ask us! what would you know? 
aap kyaa qadr apnii pahchaane;N
puuchhiye ham se aap kyaa jaane;N
24) your task is to build castles in the air
you're the limit of coquettish expression 
aap kaa kaam hai havaa-bandii
aap par ;xatm hai adaa-bandii
25) when was such a poet born?
he was never born, nor will he now be born
aise shaa((ir hu))e the kab paidaa
nah hu))e the nah ho;Nge ab paidaa
26) in short, they fling words into the air
they are prostrated, they are despoiled 
al-;Gara.z be-takii u;Raate hai;N
bichhe jaate hai;N luu;Te jaate hai;N
27) their praise is so absurd
that it causes other's hearts to ache 
un kii ta((riif hai vuh laa-:taa))il
jis se dukhtaa hai duusro;N kaa dil
28) there, verses emerge from the mouth
here, they throw their hats into the air 
mu;Nh se vuh shi((r udhar nikalte hai;N
yih idhar ;Topiyaa;N uchhaalte hai;N
29) those whose praise has been mentioned here
in their hearts they're extremely happy 
jin kii ta((riif kaa yih thaa ma;zkuur
apne dil me;N bahut hii hai;N masruur
30) if, in the midst of it, anybody would get angry
no surprise if sticks would be wielded 
agar is me;N kisii ko ;Gu.s.sah aa))e
kuchh ta((ajjub nahii;N kih la;Th chal jaa))e

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