a ghazal composed by Shahryar for the film, and sung by Asha Bhosle meter: #5 in the *meter list*
a heart is hardly worth mentioning-- please take my life!
only, one time, agree to what I say
dil chiiz kyaa hai aap mire jaan liiji))e
bas ek baar meraa kahaa maan liiji))e
you have to come into this gathering time after time
please carefully recognize the walls and doors 
is anjuman me;N aap ko aanaa hai baar baar
diivaar-o-dar ko ;Gor se pahchaan liiji))e
I agree that friends don't have respect for friendship
but what is this accepting of kindness from the Other? 
maanaa kih dosto;N ko nahii;N dostii kaa paas
lekin yih kyaa kih ;Gair kaa i;hsaan liiji))e
if you say, we'll bring down the sky to the earth
nothing at all is difficult if one makes a firm resolve 
kahiye to aasmaa;N ko zamii;N par utaar laa))e;N
mushkil nahii;N hai kuchh bhii agar ;Thaan liiji))e

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