a ghazal composed by Shahryar for the film, and sung by Asha Bhosle meter: #7 in the *meter list*
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there are thousands of drunkards from the intoxication of these eyes
there are thousands of stories connected to these eyes 
in aa;Nkho;N kii mastii ke mastaane hazaaro;N hai;N
in aa;Nkho;N se vaabastah afsaane hazaaro;N hai;N
you alone are not the only one disgraced in my love
in this city there are thousands of madmen like you 
ik tum hii nahii;N tanhaa ulfat me;N mire rusvaa
is shahr me;N tum jaise diivaane hazaaro;N hai;N
I'm the only one who gives drinks of wine from the eyes
there are said to be, in the world, thousands of "wine-houses"
ik .sirf hamii;N mai ko aa;Nkho;N se pilaate hai;N
kahne ko to dunyaa me;N mai-;xaane hazaaro;N hai;N
you [seek to] frighten this glowing candle with a windstorm
there are thousands of moths of this glowing candle 
is sham((a-e firozaa;N ko aa;Ndhii se ;Daraate ho
is sham((a-e firozaa;N ke parvaane hazaaro;N hai;N

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