A Critical Survey of the
Development of the Urdu Novel
and Short Story

by Shaista Akhtar Banu Suhrawardy
(Begum Ikramullah)
London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1945

*Introductory material*


*I. A Short Historical Survey of the Novel == 1*
(i.) First appearance of the novel
(ii.) Development of the novel
(iii.) The structure of the novel

*II. Conditions that Led to the Birth of the Novel in Urdu == 12*

(i.) Contact with the West
(ii.) The development of Prose at Fort William College, Calcutta

*III. The Foundation of Romance == 23*
(i.) Verse Romances
(ii.) Prose Romances
(iii.) "Fasana e 'Ajaib"


*IV. "Fasana e Azad" (Sarshar, 1846-1902) == 31*

*V. Nazir Ahmad (1836-1912) == 41*

*VI. Sharar (1860-1926) == 66*

*VII. The Imitators of Sarshar, Nazir Ahmad, and Sharar == 90*

*VIII. Rashid ul-Khairi (1870-1936) == 105*

*IX. Women Novelists == 123*

*X. The Modern Novel == 166*


*XI. The Short-story, its Definition and its Appearance in European Literatures == 203*

*XII. Beginnings of the Short-Story in Urdu Literature with the Sketches in "Avadh Panc" == 206*

*XIII. Development of the Short-story in Urdu from 1900-1925 == 211*

*XIV. Women Short-Story Writers == 233*

*XV. Prem Cand and His Imitators == 242*

*XVI. The Modern Short-story Writers == 265*
(i.) Writers with socialist tendencies
(ii.) The other modern writers
(iii.) Hijab Isma'il

*XVII. Humorous Writers == 291*

*XVIII. The Future of the Short-story and the Novel Compared == 303*

*Indices == 309*

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