1) your combing the tangles in your hair,
gets my heart entangled
and seeing it tousled,
tears my heart to bits

2) the part in your hair demands my heart
the twisted  hair-knot is a thief
when your braid comes undone
it lashes my heart so

3) your shining forehead
makes the moon seem pale;
unabashed, it bares the scars of love
on its heart

4) the mere sight of
your arched brows
pierces the heart arrow-like
wounding it forever

5) magical eyes, lashes darts;
your glance spears.
oh the playful look in your eye
pleases my heart so much

6) my heart is trapped
in the red ribbons of your braid
when youíre shy, every
air has a new charm

7) like a fish on dry earth
a loverís heart writhes
when you twitch your nose
 my heartís all a flutter

8) like rubies your lips
are red without paan
like pearls your teeth
sparkle when revealed

9) my ears have never heard
of ears such as yours
my heart is drawn to the circle
of the hoops in your ear lobes

10) your earringís dangle
make the morning star blush
seeing the jewelís setting
the sun trembles, epileptic

11) a blush tinges your throat
when you swallow paan juice
such a neck, it is true
slits a million throats

12) the colorful henna
on your hands and feet
make one think
of you like a newly wed

13) your rounded breasts,
so firm; donít ask
how restless one feels
if denied a caress

14) your abdomen is like a dough of maida,
in restlessness your kurti lifts
and my eyes are riveted
to your navel

15) ah! what a sight when
the rounded mound of your belly is showing
may that which covers its secret
blissfully get undone

16) your buttocks heavy, heavy
perfectly curved and so fair
the hand slips to touch
and tease

17) ravishing from top to toe
O fairy princess
seeing you they swoon
O beloved

18) airs, playfulness, coquetry, pride
you have them all, love
the passionate warmth of your speech
where can one find?

19) so plump and soft
your thighs and calves
such feet that even anklets
seek to clasp

20) charmingly restless from top to toe
your style so playful (your manner)
the art of adornment
all come to learn from you

21) quickly upon arrival
when you embrace Juríat
fragrance of your attar
makes him lose his senses