"Tumult, clamour; storm, tempest; terror; misfortune; inflammation of the eyes; an impostor;
—part. adj. (used in comp.) exciting" -- Platts p. 58
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Saturday April 11th, 2009, 10:30-3:30
Columbia University, School of International Affairs, room 707 (<-- note: it's a different room this year; it's located on the 7th floor, right in the same bay with the elevators)
This year the workshop honors the memory of Janab ADIL MANSURI, poet and *calligrapher* and friend of many of us, whose sudden death was a sad loss to all Urdu-vale
The workshop is sponsored by the Southern Asian Institute and the Department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University. It is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required:

Workshop schedule:
10:00-10:30 coffee ~~ 10:30-12:30: readings
12:30-1:30: lunch ~~ 1:30-3:30: discussion
(copies of selected parts of this material will be made available at the workshop itself and will be read and discussed)


== By Sauda (1706?-1781): *a mukhammas on the desolation of Shahjahanabad*
== By Sauda: "A Shahr-ashob of Sauda," trans. by Mark Pegors: *JSAL, 1990*

== By Asif ud-Daulah (r. 1775-97): *a mukhammas on the shameless behavior of the lower classes*; *the Urdu text*

== By Jur'at (1748-1809): *a mukhammas on the presumptuousness of a lesser poet*, with *commentary by S. R. Faruqi*

== By Nazir Akbarabadi (1740-1830): *a mukhammas on 'the world turned upside down'*, with *commentary by Fran Pritchett*

==  By Saqib and Ahsan, c.1863: *two ghazals about the sufferings of Delhi in 1857*, with commentary by Mohamad Khan; *the Urdu texts*


== Na'im Ahmad, ed., "Shahr-ashob" (Delhi, 1968): *the introduction*; *a translation of the introduction*

== Salahuddin Ahmad, ed., "Fughan-e Dihli" (Lahore, 1954 [Delhi, 1863]): *the introduction*; *a translation of the introduction*; with an *analysis by Mohamad Khan*

== Fritz Lehmann, "Urdu Literature and Mughal Decline": *Mahfil, 1970*

== Carla Petievich, "Poetry of the Declining Mughals: the Shahr-ashob": *JSAL, 1990*

== Sunil Sharma, "The City of Beauties in Indo-Persian Poetic Landscape": *CSSAME, 2004*

further inquiries: <fp7@columbia.edu>


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