COLONIAL -- EARLY (c.1750-1857)
Bismillah bird, thuluth, by Mustafa Raqim (1757-1826), Iran or Ottoman Turkey
More examples from this period from *IRAN*
More examples from this period from *TURKEY*
An agate inscribed in naskh and carved, unusually, in relief (1762/3)
A farman from the reign of Shah 'Alam, dated 1776
Calligraphy pages from the Lady Coote Album, c.1780, from the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, with ZOOM capabilities: pages [one], two], [three], [four]
"Khatt-e ghubar," or "dust writing," late 1700s(?), on an agate amulet
An agate inscribed with astonishingly tiny detail, late 1700s(?)
The opening page of a Persian medical manuscript copied in 1800/1, possibly for presentation to Shah Alam II; from the National Library of Medicine
Ten leaves from an illustrated Kashmir-style manuscript of the Shah-namah, c.1800. These images are from the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, and have ZOOM capabilities for close examination.
A gorgeously illuminated Quran, with three unwans and a number of sample pages, probably from Kashmir, c.1800
A leaf from an elegant Quran, 18th c., with detailed 19th c. additions; Mughal India or Kashmir
The seal of a raja of the Nayaka family, South India, 1808
Complexly arranged Nastaliq theological manuscripts, Iraq, early 1800's
A leaf from Nizami's Khamsah, 1800's, North India, in a remarkable floral geometrical design


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