Agate amulet with Qur'anic verses in "khat-e ghubar" calligraphy; late 18th c.(?)

(downloaded Feb. 2002)

"Oval shaped Agate Amulet with etching of the Koranic Verses in form of petals of Flowers. This tiny Amulet is just 2 cms X 2.5 cms [about 3/4" x 1"] in size. It is not possible to read the text of the Koranic verses with the naked eyes and it has been greatly enlarged so that the bidders can appreciate the beauty of the etching.Agate is a hard stone and hence makes etching very difficult. This is one of the best possible examples of "KHAT E GHUBAR" i.e: Calligraphy of Dust. This form of Calligraphy gives the effect of an image but when seen closely then it is composed of very tiny script or calligraphy. This Masterpiece is mounted on a silver frame with a hook to be worn as a pendant. It is more than 200 years old and comes from a private collection."