A leaf from an elegant small Quran, 18th/19th c.

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(downloaded Sept. 2003)

"QUR'AN. Mughal India or Kashmir, 18th century and Iran, 19th century. Manuscript on buff paper, 432ff. with 13ll. of black naskh, gold roundels between verses, sura headings in red, some text within gold clouds or within gold panels, margins often with gold floral illumination, illuminated opening bifolium, ten illuminated folios with the names of Allah, prayers and list of juz and suwar with red Persian interlinear translation, probably added in the 19th century in Iran, light staining, generally good condition, in original gold lacquer binding with floral decoration. Folio 7 x 4in. (17.7 x 10cm.)

Lot Notes: This fine small Qur'an is notable for the copious illumination both within the text and encompassing the addtional pages.In addition to the Names of Allah, the list of juz and suwar often found in Qur'ans, at the end of the manuscript is a list describing the number of stories about Joseph, verses about Adam or the Bani Israel, the verses dealing with freeing slaves or breast feeding etc."