COLONIAL -- LATE (c.1857-1947)
"Calligraphy on a teeming background," nasta'liq, Iran, c.1860
More examples from this period from *IRAN*
More examples from this period from *EGYPT*
A decorative panel featuring a Qur'anic verse, by Muhammad Yusuf, 1870/1
1872/3, a sample piece by Imam ud-Din, North India
A calligraphy panel by Mirza Ibrahim, 1863/4, in letters full of small drawings of religious figures
A group of rare surviving embroidered covers for the Ka'abah and other sacred monuments
A fanciful and ornate Qur'an dated 1883/4, by Muhammad 'Ali Kashmiri
An example of "zoomorphic" calligraphy, with words shaped into animal figures
An interesting example of decorative fake "calligraphy" on a glass vase by Fritz Heckert, later 1800's
A "hamd" calligraphed by Durga Prasad "Nadir," 1915


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