A fancifully ornamented Qur'an, 1883/4, by Muhammad 'Ali Kashmiri

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=907560203
(downloaded Sept. 2002)

"This a genuine & unique calligraphy in a sense that the scriber has signed and dated this Calligraphic twice.Once at the bottom of the panel which is customery and another within the four Grids around the Calligraphy but is scribed in such a way which makes it difficult to read from a close distance.This panel is scribed by Mohammed Ali Kashmiri who was a famous calligrapher of that era and his calligrahic panel are very difficult to locate in the market. This is dated 1301 Al Hijri,which is exactly 122 years old.This calligrahic panel in beautiful Naskh script and is scribed with fundamental principles of Islam."

[the bismillah from the top of the page:]

[the final line on the page, with scribal signature:]

[Details of the ornamental boxes:]