EARLY (up to c.1200)
Muhammad Saikal's overview chart of some major calligraphic styles
c.700, North Africa, early kufic Qur'an from the *Schoyen Collection*
c.750-800, North Africa, early kufic Qur'an from the *Schoyen Collection*
An early calligraphic tile, probably 8th century, that scholars have puzzled over
An Egyptian grave-marker inscribed with kufic script, 8th-11th c.
A group of pages from different 9th-century Qur'ans, in kufic script, from the Middle East or North Africa
About the collection of Qur'ans (many quite early) in the Topkapi Palace Library in Istanbul.
A North African Qur'an, 900s, in gold kufic script on a deep blue background, and another on vellum
A white marble tombstone with kufic inscription, c.10th century
Leaves from a North African Qur'an, 10th-11th c.
An unusual marble frieze from Ghazni, 1100's
A turquoise Ghaznavid tile with a kufic inscription
Inscription tiles molded with huge letters, Iran, 1100's
An unusual Qur'an in a local style, from Spain, late 1100's



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