MODERN (c.1947 onward)
A Turkish Fatihah, in thuluth, 1959/60
Two Shi'a calligraphic designs, computer-assisted
Another modern computer-assisted design
The work of a modern master, Muhammad Zakariya, who was born in Ventura, California
Iqbal: two Persian verses, by Rashid Batt, Islamabad, 1994/5
The work of a modern Afghan calligrapher, Ismail Sediqi
The Names of God and two other modern Indian naskh calligraphic pieces, in zardozi (gold/silver thread metalwork embroidery)
An embroidered wall hanging with chain-stitched calligraphy
A table cover with machine-embroidered calligraphy
A piece of kuba cloth, from the Congo, with embroidered calligraphy
A modern calligraphic painting on papyrus
A modern stone-paste floral Egyptian tile, with 'Allahu Akbar' on it
Modern hand-painted calligraphic ceramic tiles, in sets available online.
M(aqbool) F(ida) Husain (1915-) has made a series of calligraphy paintings.
A modern Turkish meditation on the 99 Names of God.
A wonderful project, with explanations of the names, by New York artist and graphic designer Hafeez.


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