A bazu-band or protective amulet for the upper arm, early 1700's

Source: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=905060773#DESC
(downloaded Sept. 2002)

"This very rare and magnificient Armlet Amulet popularly known as "IKKA" or "Bazo band" known in Urdu is from the
Moghul (Mogul) era and belongs to precisely early eighteenth century. This oval shaped milky agate is mounted on silver base and bears engraving of Islamic KALIMA in bold Nasta'aliq script which loosely translates into English as "There is god but ALLAH and Mohammed-Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH) is the Prophet of Allah." The Dimension of this wonderful engraving on stone does not exceed 2X2.5 cms. The "Suraa Fateha" from Holy Quran is very delicately engraved on the outer circumference of this oval agate amulet and can not be read with naked eyes!! The back of the amulet is also decorated with engraving on silver base with floral pattern."
"Here is how it looks when covered for travel, and ready to be attached to the upper arm with a cord."

"Here is an EXTREME close-up so that the tiny Fatihah around the rim can be read."