A farman in nastaliq script from Aurangzeb's time, 1673/4

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(downloaded Apr. 2002)

1084 AH (1673-4 CE)

"This Farman Nama-Official Gazzette scripted on both sides of the document is in Persian (Farsi) language in black ink and in Nasta'aliq script.This was issued by Syed Badi uddin Madar.The Seal affixed at the bottom of the script Qazi (Justice) Nasrullah Khadim Shariah Sharif (servent of the Laws of Allah) dated 1084 Al Hijri-It is 1423A.H according to the Islamic Calender now. Text relates to the allotment of a land and the dates mentioned for this documentation is Wednesday,12 Zi Qa'ad 1067 Al Hijri Size:7 X 14 inches.Condition:Water stains,pinholes and silver fish victim document."