MUGHAL -- LATE (c.1656-1750) 
More examples from *IRAN*
A Mughal farman from 1673, in nasta'liq script
An example of nasta'liq from Aurangzeb's time: a leaf from a Shah-namah
A ghazal by Jami in elegant nasta'liq, from an album, c.1680-1700, Mughal or Deccani
1695/6, a famous and gloriously carved emerald with a Shi'a invocation, perhaps from the Deccan
A round personal seal of a Qazi, late 1600's, probably from Ajmer
A gorgeously and minutely inscribed agate talisman, from Bukhara, said to be 1600s/1700s
A very unusual Qur'an in the form of a long scroll, with larger words and phrases shaped by blank spaces in the calligraphy, early 1700's
A Quran leaf in naskh, with interlinear Persian translation and commentary in nastaliq, early 1700s
A bazu-band or amulet for the upper arm, with the Kalimah in the center and the Fatihah in really remarkably minute script around the edge, early 1700s
A calligraphic panel in nasta'liq within gold clouds, signed by Mehdi 'Ali Khan Hamadani, c.1700-10, from a Mughal album
Leaves from a Maghrabi Qur'an by Muhammad Murad, 1145/1732/3
A calligraphic panel by the famous Shams ud-Din of Hyderabad, c.1724-1748
A nasta'liq leaf from a mss. of  "Aja'ib al-Makhluqat," India, 1700s
An elegant inscription in black nasta'liq, accompanying a miniature painting of bhakti saints, from c.1740-50
A late-Mughal Qur'an page, with lavish illumination 


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