Leaves from a Qur'an in Maghrabi script by Muhammad Murad, 1145 (1732/3)

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(downloaded Oct. 2003)

"18th century Arabic Manuscript in Maghrabi script written by famous writer MOHAMMAD MURAD.this manuscript is dated 1145 Al Hijri.presently it is 1424 AH.according to lunar calender this manuscript is precisely 279 yrs old.it comprises of about 462 beautifully scribed page in black ink while the size of the manuscript is 8x5 inches and is 2.8 inches thick.Every page is illuminated with Gold including Gold dots in between text.it has Gold border and some pages are richly illuminated with Gold and red ,blue ink.this is a complete Quran in nice condition keeping in view the age factor.this is an unpublished manuscript"