The Qur'an in scroll form, with larger words embedded in the blank spaces (early 1700's)

(downloaded Aug. 2002)

"Behold! this is going to be feast for lovers of Islamic calligraphy and specially of Holy Qurans (Korans).This Quran which is in form of a scroll is 19feet or 228 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.It is on brownish paper and is scribed in beautiful Naskh script in Arabic.Opening six inches have been effected due to excessive handling,which is always the case even with manuscripts in book form wherein first and last pages go through a lot of wear.The portion after this is immaculate condition barring few signs of ageing.This Quran belongs to early eighteenth century and is from Moghul period.This Quran has a lot of a lot of creativity in terms of layout and calligraphy.It is essentially scribed in three columns from top to bottom while the calligraphy and spacing is done in such a fashion that it takes the form of BOLD verses of gold in each grid.This arrangement becomes more prominent and effective once looked as a reasonable distance.This is truly a museum piece and definitely one of the most desireable manuscript for any collector.

I did not scan the whole manuscript but did a representative sampling for bidders.Each imge of scroll seen is nearly one feet in length, which is maximum size of a scanner."