Below is a reversed image, for easy reading:

Round seal, late 1600's

(downloaded May 2002)

"This is a very rare and important Seal of a Qazi Shariah (Chief Justice)-Islamic Juripudence, who was a practising SUFI himself and led very pious and simple life according to the fundamentals of Islam. This is not only an official seal but also bears the family tree of the ancestors of the respected Qazi. It is noticeable that inspite of attaining the highest position in the Government, the chief Justice has shown his modesty in choosing the seal made of ordinary metal. I have in my collection seals of personalities who were very junior in rank and status and yet their seals were made of gold, silver, emarld or Agate. The Center of the seal reads in persian as: Attaiye Rasool,Wali e Hind,Khawaja Moin uddin Hussaini. Translation: Gift of the Prophet, Custodian of Hind; second line reads: Hasan sanjarani, Mulk e Hind. Names of the ancestors in chronological order are as follows: 1-Hazrat Amir ul Momineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S); 2-Hazrat Imam Hussein (A.S); 3-Hazrat Imam Zain ul Abdien (A.S); 4-Hazrat Imam Mohammed Baqar (A.S); 5-Hazrat Imam Ja'afer Sadiq (A.S); 6-Hazrat Imam Moosa e Kazim (A.S); 7-Hazrat Imam syed Jawwad (A.S); 8=Hazrat Syed Idrees; 9-Hazrat Syed Yahiya; 10-Hazrat Syed Ibrahim; 11-Hazrat Syed Najm uddin Tahir; 12-Hazrat Syed Ghayas uddin. The engraving on this seal is deep and is in excellent condition. This seal previously must have  been mounted with a handle which is now missing. Condition: Excellent. Period: late 17th century size: 8.5 cms/3.25 inches in diameter. Probably from Ajmer."