Leaf from a divan of Anvari, nasta'liq, probably from Golconda, 1630-35

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"TWO FOLIOS FROM A DIVAN OF ANWARI. Deccan, probably Golconda, 1630-1635. Persian manuscript on paper, each folio with lines of black nasta'liq arranged in three gold-outlined columns, illuminated margins in gouache heightened with gold with animals and birds among foliage. Folio 10¼ x 6¼in. (26 x 15.9cm.).

Lot Notes: Other pages from the same manuscript are in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Pal, Pratapaditya: Indian Paintings, Los Angeles, 1993, no.104, pp.340-1). Very similar decoration is seen in the margins of an album commissioned for Sultan Abdullah Qutb Shahi of Golconda in AH 1039/1629-30 AD (Bukhari, Y.K.: "An Unpublished Illuminated Manuscript Entitled Fawaid-i-Qutub-Shahi", Lalit Kala, no.13, 1967; Binney, Edwin 3rd: Indian Miniature Painting, Portland, Pregon, 1973, no.125, p.149)."