A Mughal-period (?) bazu-band, in tughrah script, with repousee inscription

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(downloaded Jan. 2004)

"Bazuband - Armlet is another form of an amulet which is worn on right arm of a person unlike other amulets which mostly are in form of pendants.This splendid Moghul "Bazuband" is on yellow Agate and surrounded by small turquoise stones and inscribed with "Bismallah ar Rehman ar Raheem" translation i.e: "In the name of Allah(God),Most Magnificient,Most Merciful" in TUGRA script. The most unusual part is that the verses are not engraved but are in repoused (raised) form which means the stone was chiselled around the alphabets to form raised lettering,which goes without saying is a very painstaking process. "