SULTANATE (c.1200-c.1500)
Qur'an, 1200s, from Spain or North Africa, in the Vatican collection.
More examples from this period from *IRAN*
More examples from this period from *the MAMLUKS*
Several Sultanate-period examples
Qur'an in maghribi script, 1200-1300's, possibly from Spain; a leaf from the Met, and other examples.
From 1304-06 (704/5), this is the earliest dated Qur'an of the Mamluk period.  Special ZOOM-able pages produced by the British Library.
1329, Mecca, a hadith collection in Naskh script, from the *Schoyen Collection*
Qur'an leaves in the unusual "Bihari" script, from the 1400's; two separate examples
Leaf from a small Shah-namah, 1400's. This image, from the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, has ZOOM capabilities for close examination.
A leaf from the huge "Baysunqur Qur'an," Central Asia, c.1400
An inscription panel in thuluth and kufic, Samarqand, 1404
A late Sultanate Qur'an, from 1516, by 'Abdullah al-Khadim


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