URDU (some special examples)
An example (1844) of the formal calligraphy of Bahadur Shah 'Zafar', the last Mughal emperor
An illuminated leaf from the divan of Vajid Ali Shah of Avadh, 1856
A look at courtly correspondence styles from the late 1800's
Queen Victoria's Urdu handwriting, from her diary, 1892
A printed poem about the outbreak of World War I, by Durga Prasad "Nadir," published in a handsomely calligraphed printed pamphlet
'Adil Mansuri's calligraphy drafts for "Nets of Awareness," done in 1992-3; and an introduction to the calligrapher
Title and author's name for one of Shamsur Rahman Faruqi's books, with draft designs
More of 'Adil Mansuri's work, and some occasional pieces, Eid cards, etc.
A formal tughrah for Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, and chapter headings for another book, 2000
More recent computer-art work by 'Adil Mansuri, 2004
Some of Adil Mansuri's new computer-art tughrahs for S. R. Faruqi, 2006-07
Some cover designs for S. R. Faruqi's novel Ka'i chand the sar-e asman, 2007
Some of Adil Mansuri's other work from 2007; his unexpected death in Nov. 2008 was a real loss to us all



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