Materials prepared by Aftab Ahmad

Most of these texts have been slightly edited for the use of students, and the glossaries are still in draft form. Later versions will be supplied as they become available.

*Urdu Reader for Urdu for Heritage Speakers II, Spring 2014 -- Mukhtasar Afsane* (texts and serial glossaries
"This reader contains Urdu and Hindi short stories in Urdu script. They are based on themes like child labor, women's issues, corruption, and communal riots. It also contains a couple of humorous stories."
*Hindi Reader for Intermediate Hindi-Urdu -- Laghu Katha'en* (texts and serial glossaries)*
[This reader is almost the same as the Urdu version above, but is in Devanagari.]

*Advanced Urdu Readings (a compilation, texts and serial glossaries)*

An index of the contents, with page numbers
Manto stories: "Toba Tek Singh"; "Khol do"; "Ji aya"
Nazir Ahmad story: "'Aql ki narasa'i"
Sir Sayyid story: "Ta'assub"
Two translations into Urdu by Aftab Ahmad
Muhammad Husain Azad: a passage from "Darbar-e Akbari*
Shibli Nu'mani: a passage from "Safar-namah"
Ghazals by Mir, Ghalib, Iqbal
Nazms by Iqbal, Faiz, Kishwar Naheed, Sahir Ludhianvi

*"Shahr-e do qissah" by Mushtaque Ahmad Yusufi*
An excerpt from "Aab-e gum," with serial glossary

*"Advanced Urdu materials" (texts and serial glossaries)*
Sharar: an excerpt from "Bazm-e qudrat"
Muhammad Zaka'ullah: "Haya"
Hali: an excerpt from "Yadgar-e Ghalib"
Mir Amman: "Sair pahle darvesh ki" from "Bagh o bahar"

*"A letter and a ghazal of Ghalib's" (texts and serial glossaries)*

*"Muhammad Husain Azad on Mir, from Aab-e hayaat" (text and serial glossary)*
Includes a film song, "Baghon men bahar hai"