Hindi/Urdu textual study materials of all kinds,
from many sources

also: *index of dual-script sets*

== *Urdu texts with glossaries, Aftab Ahmad* ==
A good variety of Urdu stories and poems (and an intermediate Hindi reader), all texts with serial glossaries; also many humorous essays by Mushtaq Ahmad Yousufi and Patras Bukhari: Urdu texts, with careful Hindi translations

== *Hindi and Urdu glossaries, Imre Bangha* ==
Glossaries for a variety of *Hindi* and *Urdu* stories

== *Excerpts from Havan, Susham Bedi* ==
Two chapters in Hindi, Urdu, and English, and other material by this well-known Hindi novelist  

== *Three Hindi film scripts, U.C. Berkeley* ==
Three classics: 'Sara akash', 'Tisri qasam', and 'Garm hava', with serial glossaries

== *Hindi film excerpts, David Boyk* ==
  Excerpts from "Bajrangi Bha'i-jan," with marginal glossarizing

== *Translations from Urdu, C. A. Boyle* ==
Annotated literal translations, with texts, of four essays by the humorist Pitras, and two Premchand stories

== *Urdu texts and glossaries for films, BULPIP* ==
Several Urdu texts and glossaries of films, and a glossary of the novel Basti

== *Hindi prose and poetry, Allison Busch* ==
Devanagari texts and glossaries for selected Hindi poetry and prose, and some Urdu texts; very well-designed and helpful

== *Hindi and Urdu materials, Richard Delacy* ==
  Devanagari texts and glossaries for Umrao Jan and Sholay, and other Hindi and Urdu readings with glossaries; also his "Lucknow Reader" (in Devanagari). Also, very comprehensive and useful sets of exercises for elementary Hindi and Urdu.

== *Urdu ki na'i kitab, S. R. Faruqi* ==
An anthology of literary prose and poetry, with glossaries, and with brief introductions and notes in simple, clear Urdu

== *Elementary Urdu  readings, Pasha Mohamad Khan* ==
A sequence of elementary Urdu readings, with glossaries

== *Urdu  readings, Hajnalka Kovacs*
Some modern Urdu short stories with superb glossaries; some with Devanagari materials too

== *Elementary Hindi glossary, Philip Lutgendorf* ==
A basic glossary to accompany the Snell & Weightman text

== *Online Hindi stories at all levels, NYU* ==
With glossaries and audio recordings, well organized, provided by Gabriela Ilieva

== *Urdu study materials, Fran Pritchett* ==
Urdu and some Devanagari study materials for a variety of Urdu texts

== *Urdu ghazal reader, Sean Pue* ==
A beautifully high-tech overview, with more features planned; and don't forget the *datelist of Urdu writers*

== *Urdu qawwali transcripts and translations* ==
Helps for the student of this Sufistic musical tradition

== *Hindi and Urdu glossaries, Dalpat Rajpurohit* ==
Texts and glossaries for a variety of short stories and other materials

== *Hindi readers, John Roberts* ==
Two intermediate-level, one Sanskritic, all with serial glossaries

== *Maila Anchal, Chloe Smith* ==
  Selections from Renu's Hindi novel, with a glossary, notes, and translations

== Teaching and study materials, Rupert Snell* ==
  The famously excellent UT Austin "Flagship" site, and more

== *Urdu glossaries and notes, SOAS* ==
Glossaries and notes for selections from Premchand stories, Guzishtah Lakhna'u, and various other texts, by the SOAS faculty

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