Glossaries and other materials prepared by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, mostly in the 1970's and 1980's
(presented here with the generous permission of Prof. Christopher Shackle)

*a detailed glossary for the novel "Umrao Jan Ada"*

*a glossary and annotated translation for the most famous marsiyah of Mir Anis*

*a (handwritten) glossary of Mir Hasan's masnavi "Sahr ul-bayan"*

*a glossary and translation of the masnavi "Zahr-e 'ishq," by Shauq*

*a discussion, annotated translation, and glossary of Hali's "Musaddas"*

*a (handwritten) glossary of Hali's "Muqaddamah"*

*a glossary for Krishan Chandar's "Kalu bhangi"*

*a glossary for Phanishwar Nath Renu's "Panchla'it"*

*a glossary for Mazhar ul-Islam's "Sargoshiyon ki ot men baitha khakrob"*; *an English translation*

*a glossary for Rajinder Singh Bedi's "Lajvanti"*; *an Urdu text* (text supplied by FWP); *an English translation*

*a glossary for Intizar Husain's "Sirhiyan"*; *the original Urdu text* (text supplied by FWP)

*a glossary for Manto's "Naya Qanun"*; *Urdu text*, *Hindi text* (both texts supplied by FWP)

Premchand glossaries

*a glossary for Premchand's "Bare bha'i sahib"*
*a glossary for Premchand's "'Idgah"*
*a glossary for Premchand's "Namak ka darogha"* [see also *Boyle's translation* and the *Urdu text*]
*a glossary for Premchand's "Pus ki rat"* [see also *Dalpat Rajpurohit's materials*]
*a text, with glossary, for the screenplay of Premchand's "Sadgati"*

SOAS glossaries from c.1996, by Prof. Rupert Snell, presented with his generous permission; *his main site for materials*

*a chronology of Premchand's life*

*a glossary for Premchand's "Prem ki holi"*

*a glossary for Krishna Baldev Vaid's "Bic ka darvaza"*

*a glossary for Amrit Ray's "Gili mitti"*

*a glossary for Gyanranjan's "Fence ke idhar aur udhar"*

*a glossary for Mohan Rakesh's "Claim"*

*a glossary for Agyeya's "Letter-box"*

Glossaries for the first nine chapters of "Guzishtah lakhna'u" by Abdul Halim 'Sharar'
(the part about the history of Lucknow)

*Chapter 1, text*; *Chapter 1, glossary*
*Chapter 2, text*; *Chapter 2, glossary*
*Chapter 3, text*; *Chapter 3, glossary*
*Chapter 4, text*; *Chapter 4, glossary*
*Chapter 5, text*; *Chapter 5, glossary*
*Chapter 6, text*; *Chapter 6, glossary*
*Chapter 7, text*; *Chapter 7, glossary*
*Chapter 8, text*; *Chapter 8, glossary*
*Chapter 9, text*; *Chapter 9, glossary*

(The Urdu text, described in the beginning of Chapter 1, has been supplied by FWP)