Alleluia. Alleluia.

Alleluia. Alleluia.

Pascha ......

[Our] paschal lamb ...

Gaudeat devotio fidelium
Verbum patris incarnatur

Nova proles nobis datur
Et nobiscum conservatur
Salus gentium.

Let the devotion of the faithful rejoice;
The word of the father has become flesh;
A new child is given to us,
And in our keeping
Is the deliverance of mankind.

Vite pandit hostium
Dum mortis supplicium
Pie tolerat.

He throws open the door of eternal life
When the pangs of death
He meekly undergoes.

Mundi princept exturbatur
Dum considerat,
Quod per mortem liberatur,
Qui perierat.

The ruler of the world is deposed,
Since he [Christ] knows
That one who had perished
Is released by his death.

Jure suo sic privatur,
Dum desiderat
Illum sibi subdere
Qui nil commiserat.

By his own choice he is thus deprived,
Since it is his will
To take the other's place,
Though he had done no wrong.

Nostrum immola- ...

Has been ...

[a second long poem]

Tus est

... sacrificed,

Christus est.

[namely] Christ.