Chants for the Office

 An antiphonal (or antiphonary or antiphoner) contains the sung parts of the Divine Office that are specific to Sundays, feasts, and the common of saints. The chants found in an antiphonal include the antiphons sung with the psalms and canticles; the responsories of Matins and Vespers; and sometimes the hymns. antiphonals were divided into two sections, the first encompassing the Proper of Time or the temporale (beginning with the first Sunday of Advent), and the second organized around the Proper of Saints or the sanctorale.

Plimpton MS 033, recto:An antiphonal from 12th century Italy. Plimpton MS 041, f. 1: An antiphonal from 15th century Italy. Music Deposit 00, f. 2:An antiphonal from 16th century Italy.
HSA11: An antiphonal from 14th century Spain, probably Burgos. Plimpton MS 042, f. 1v: A hymnary from 15th century Germany. HSA22An antiphonal from 16th century Spain.

Hymns can appear in an antiphonal or breviary at their place within each service, but they were also often copied together in an independent collection called a hymnary, which can be a separate book or a section of a book for the Office (often a psalter).