Solo e pensoso I piu deserti campi
Vo misurando a passi tardi e lenti;
E gli occhi porto per fuggir intenti,
Dove vestigio human l’arena stampi.
Altro schermo non trovo che mi scampi
Dal manifesto accorger de le genti;
Perche negl’atti d’allegrezza spenti
Di fuor si legge com’io dentro avampi.

Si ch’io cred’homai che monti e piagge
E fiumi e selve sappian di che tempre
Sia la mia vita, ch’e celata altrui;
Ma pur si aspre vie ne si selvagge
Cercar non so ch’Amor non venga sempre
Ragionando con meco, ed io con lui.
– Petrarch

Alone and pensive, the most deserted fields
I pace with slow and lagging steps,
with eyes intently watching so as to flee any
human footsteps imprinted in the sand.
No other defense can I find to protect me
from others’ keen awareness of my state,
for in my actions, lacking in joy,
they can read from without how inwardly I burn!

So that I now believe that the mountains, shores,
rivers, and forests know the temper of my life,
which is hidden from others;
yet pathways so rough and wild
I know not how to seek that Love comes not
always along, reasoning with me, and I with him.