Duke Ellington: Discography

1927 Flaming Youth RCA

1928 Jubilee Stomp Bluebird

1932 Duke Ellington Presents Ivie Anderson Columbia

1938 Blue Light Columbia

1940 Sophisticated Lady [RCA] RCA

1940 In a Mellotone RCA

1944 Black, Brown and Beige (1944-1946 Band... Columbia

1947 Daybreak Express RCA

1950 Masterpieces by Ellington Columbia

1951 Ellington Uptown Columbia

1951 Hi-Fi Ellington Uptown CBS

1952 Seattle Concert [live] RCA

1953 The Pasadena Concert (1953) [live] GNP

1953 Premiered by Ellington Capitol

1953 The Duke Plays Ellington Capitol

1953 Piano Reflections Capitol

1953 Ellington '55 Capitol

1953 Ellington Showcase Capitol

1953 Duke Ellington Plays the Blues RCA

1954 Dance to the Duke! Capitol

1954 Duke Ellington Plays Allegro

1955 Duke's Mixture Columbia

1955 The Duke and His Men RCA

1956 Duke Ellington and the Buck Clayton... [live] Columbia

1956 Duke Ellington and the Buck Clayton... [live] Columbia

1956 Ellington at Newport [live] Columbia

1956 A Drum Is a Woman Columbia

1956 Al Hibbler with the Duke Columbia

1957 Such Sweet Thunder Sony Special

1957 Ella Fitzgerald/The Duke Ellington Songbook Verve

1957 Indigos Columbia

1958 Black, Brown & Beige [1999] [live] Columbia/Legac

1958 Brown, Black and Beige Columbia

1958 Blues in Orbit Columbia

1958 Black, Brown & Beige [Tristar] Tristar

1958 Duke Ellington at the Bal Masque Columbia

1958 Cosmic Scene: Duke Ellington's Spacemen Sony France

1958 Newport Jazz Festival (1958) [live] Columbia

1958 Blues Summit Verve 1958 Side by Side Verve

1958 Jazz at the Plaza, Vol. 2 Columbia

1958 Duke Ellington at His Very Best RCA Victor

1959 Jazz Party Mobile 1959 The Ellington Suites Original Jazz

1959 Anatomy of a Murder Rykodisc

1959 Festival Session [live] Columbia

1960 The Nutcracker Suite Columbia

1960 Three Suites Columbia

1960 Piano in the Background Columbia

1960 Swinging Suites by Edward E. & Edward G. Columbia

1960 Peer Gynt Suite / Suite Thursday Columbia

1960 Paris Blues United Artists

1961 Piano in the Foreground Columbia

1961 First Time! the Count Meets The Duke Columbia

1962 All American Columbia 1962 Midnight in Paris Columbia

1962 Duke Ellington Meets Coleman Hawkins MCA

1962 Money Jungle Blue Note

1962 Duke Ellington and John Coltrane MCA

1962 Will Big Bands Ever Come Back? Reprise

1962 Afro-Bossa Musicraft

1962 Featuring Paul Gonsalves Original Jazz

1963 The Great Paris Concert [live] Atlantic

1963 The Symphonic Ellington Musicraft

1963 The Duke Ellington Jazz Violin Session Atlantic

1964 Hits of the Sixties: This Time by Ellington Reprise

1964 Ellington '65 Reprise

1964 The Original Score from Walt Disney's Mary... Reprise

1965 Concert in the Virgin Islands [live] Discovery

1965 The Duke at Tanglewood [live] RCA

1965 Jumpin' Punkins RCA

1965 Concert of Sacred Music [live] RCA

1966 Duke Ellington (1966) Reprise

1966 Orchestral Works MCA

1966 The Pianist Original Jazz

1966 Ella & Duke at the Cote D'azur Verve

1966 Soul Call Verve

1967 The Popular Duke Ellington RCA

1967 Intimacy of the Blues Original Jazz

1967 Johnny Come Lately RCA

1967 North of the Border in Canada Decca

1967 And His Mother Called Him Bill RCA

1968 Yale Concert [live] Original Jazz

1968 Latin American Suite Original Jazz

1968 Second Sacred Concert [live] Prestige

1969 Up in Duke's Workshop Original Jazz

1969 The Intimate Ellington Original Jazz

1969 Pretty Woman RCA

1969 Standards: Live at the Salle Pleyel JMY

1970 New Orleans Suite Atlantic

1971 The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse Original Jazz

1971 Toga Brava Suite Blue Note

1973 Eastbourne Performance [live] RCA

1973 Collages MPS

1976 Duke Ellington's Third Sacred Concert [live] RCA

1991 Carnegie Hall 11/13/48 [live] Vintage Jazz

1994 Live at the Greek 9/23/66 Status

1995 70th Birthday Concert [live] Blue Note

2000 Live at Carnegie Hall Ember 2000 Live at the Zanibar Club Magnum

2000 Live in 1947 at the Hollywood Bowl Unique Jazz 2000 Live in the Big Apple Magnum

2000 Duke Ellington [Riverside] Riverside

2000 Concert of Sacred Music [Germany] BMG