Appayya Diksita's Survey of Theories

(Outline of passage from Appayya Diksita's Siddhantalesasangraha
in Deutsch and van Buitenen, Sourcebook of Advaita Vedanta, pp. 304-306)

  1. One soul

    1. One soul, one body (dream model)

    2. One soul, many bodies

      1. one soul projecting many images
      2. one soul animating many bodies

  2. Many souls

    1. One ignorance

      1. locus is Brahman
      2. locus is individual soul (jiva)

    2. Many ignorances

      1. collective world: cloth model
      2. individual worlds: silver model
      3. Maya world: God produces it

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Class notes for Religion W4620 (Nonduality in Indian and Tibetan Thought), Fall 2002.
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