New Media Security & Crime: The Double-Edged Sword

Digital media has been touted as new and exciting platform for international development. The Internet, cell phones and other social technologies have been used to strengthen communities by making information readily available and by empowering the voiceless. Internet and communications technology is undoubtedly a tool that can be harnessed for positive social change, but as with every other technological advancement, ICT is a double-edged sword. As access to new media increases, there is growing concern among academics, activists and technology professionals that real-world issues of privacy, security, conflict and crime are moving into the digital sphere more quickly than they can be monitored or addressed.

The following pages address the legal challenges of an increasingly global Internet community, the ways in which some private citizens are responding to the issues of cyber security, the use of new media and technology to incite violence and hate, and citizen use of these technologies to report crime and prevent it in the future.


  1. Legal Challenges in the Age of New Media
  2. Cyber Security and the Cyber Cops
  3. New Media and Real-World Crime
  4. New Media and Crime Prevention

Literature Review

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Legal Challenges in the Age of New Media

Cyber Security and the Cyber Cops

New Media and Violence

New Media and Crime Prevention: Incorporating new technologies and digital media into government programs and public policies