Lecture Table of Contents
Introduction by Mark Tribe
Two Species of Cultural Producers:
      Media Giants vs.
      Small-Scale Producers
Is Sharing Good or Bad?
Supercharged Circulation
      of Information
"Cheating" or "Sharing":
      Plagiarism and Learning
IP in Academe
On the Virtues of Remix Culture
Examples of Digital Remix Culture
      - Simple Net Art Diagram
      - Complex Net Art Diagram
      - Shredder 1.0
The Internet: Global Access
The Unreliable Archivist
NAG: Network Auralization
      for Gnutella
Art, Technology & Intellectual
      Property: Who Participated?
Changing the World:
      How to Hack the System of
      Copyright for Fun and Profit
Innovations: Creation vs.
The Creative Commons License
      - The "Get Creative" Video
      - Creative Commons Publisher
      - The Internet archive
      - XML Search Engine
Criticism of Creative Commons
The Pool: Shifting the Culture
      from Consumption to Creation
A Model of Collaboration
      - Themes and Ideas
      - Approval and Recognition
      - The Stages of Each Project
      - The Usefulness of the Project
      - Network Finder and Graph
The Open Art Network:
      The Power of the "Source"
      - The Source License
      - Fruityloops Remixes and
         the "Three-Click" Assignment
      - The Illustrator Remix
      - Remix: "Get Creative" Video
"Fair Use" and "Purpose"
The Internet as a "Sanctuary"
Audience Questions