Commodore 64/128 Kermit

Kermit for the Commodore 64/128 includes VT100 and Tektronix terminal emulation and a basic Kermit protocol implementation for file transfer. It is well packaged and documented. It can be found here:
Descriptions of the download packages (text)
Gzipped tar archive of Forth source code.
Zip archive of Forth source code.
file list
Individual source files.
Note: Included among these files are actually two Commodore Kermit programs, one written Forth (c644*.*), about which little is known, and the other "mainstream" version (c64[a-z]*.*).

We do not have any Commodores here to make diskettes for you, so you must either follow the directions for downloading and bootstrapping, or else obtain a diskette from a user group, if there still are any.

Commodore Kermit is written in a language called CROSS, a portable assembler. A CROSS assembler (written in C) that generates the machine code is included is included with Apple II Kermit.

Commodore 64/128 Kermit / Columbia University / [email protected] / 1 Jan 2000