The High-Speed Dial-Up
Modem Pool

The Dial-Up Modem Pool at a Glance

Phone Number  Type  Count Attached  Speed          Protocols
212 854-9924  USR   122   Cisco TS  57600/V.32bis  V.42/V.42bis
212 853-9903  USR    32   Cisco TS  57600/V.34     V.42/V.42bis
212 854-1824  Vadic  16   Rolm CBX   2400/V.22bis  NONE

212 854-1812: Same as 212 854-1824
212 854-1896: Same as 212 854-9924


TS = Terminal Server
CBX = Computerized Branch Exchange
USR = US Robotics Courier

Use 854-9924 if you have a V.32bis or lower modem. If all lines are busy, this pool hunts to the V.34 pool.

Use 853-9903 if you have a V.34 modem. If all lines are busy, you'll get a busy signal. Dial this number only if you have a V.34 modem.

When dialing the low-speed Vadics, use 2400 bps and disable all error correction and compression features of your modem.

When dialing the USRs, use any speed, enable hardware flow control, V.42 or MNP4 error correction, and V.42bis or MNP5 compression if your modem has them.

Last update: 4 May 1995

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