Portable - What does it mean?

When we say that Kermit 95's script programming language is portable, we mean that script programs that you write in this language can be used on about 500 different platforms -- including all the hardware and software platforms where C-Kermit software runs.

These include over 400 different varieties of UNIX, VMS configurations on VAX and Alpha dating back to VMS 4-point-something, Data General AOS/VS, Stratus VOS, OS-9/68000, the Commodore Amiga, and more, not to mention all versions of OS/2 going back to 1.3.

And C-Kermit's script programming language is about 90% compatible with that of MS-DOS Kermit, which runs on DOS and Microsoft Windows 3.x. With some care, Kermit script programs can easily be written to run under Kermit 95, C-Kermit, and MS-DOS Kermit.

That's portability.

"As I'm hacking scripts to automate some work at my telephone company, I realize the disparate systems that I am using, ranging from a 286-running MSDOS 3.3/MSK-3.14, acting as a 1/2" tape reader/kermit server, through Win-95/K-95; UnixWare, ESIX, an Octel Voice Mail system, DEX-600 and Stromberg Telephone switches.

"I have tried other comm programs, but!!!

"I can prototype and 'program' scripts anywhere. I run awk against data sets on the UNIX boxes to create .tak files that can then be run from either of the UNIX platforms, or one of the techs can run them from home under MS-DOS Kermit without modification."

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