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COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance: Implications on the Housing Market (with D.A. Rios). (preprint)
Fintech and Machine Learning
Personalized Robo-Advising: Enhancing Investment through Client Interactions (with S. Olafsson and T. Zariphopoulou). Major Revision at Management Science (preprint)

Robo-advising: Learning Investor's Risk Preferences via Portfolio Choices (with H. Alsabah, O. Ruiz Lacedelli and M. Stern). Journal of Financial Econometrics. Invited Paper for the Special Issue on Recent developments/applications in machine learning, big data, and fintech.

Pitfalls of Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work: R&D Arms Race and Mining Centralization (with. H. Alsabah). Major Revision at Management Science (preprint)

Deep Residual Learning via Large Scale Mean-Field Stochastic Optimization (with L. Bo and H. Liao). (preprint)
Market Microstructure
Large Orders in Small Markets: On Optimal Execution with Endogenous Liquidity Supply (with A. Menkveld and H. Zhang). (preprint, online appendixblog)

Intraday Market Making with Overnight Inventory Costs (with T. Adrian, M. Fleming, E. Vogt, and H. Zhang). Journal of Financial Markets. Forthcoming (CEPR, preprint)
Networks, Liquidity, and Systemic Risk
Optimal Bailouts and the Doom Loop with a Financial Network (with F. Corell and J. Stiglitz). (preprint)

Systemic Risk driven Portfolio Selection (with A. Rubtsov). Major Revision at Operations Research. (preprint)

Systemic Portfolio Diversification (with M. Weber). (preprint)

A Theory of Collateral Requirements for Central Counterparties (with J. Wang and H. Zhang). Major Revision at Management Science. (preprint) (slides) Press Coverage (OBLB)

The Collateral Rule in the CDS market - Part I: Empirical Analysis, and Part II: Theory (with Allen Cheng, Chuan Du, Stefano Giglio, and Richard Haynes), April 2020
Note: Due to restrictions from the CFTC, this work has to be split into two companion papers, one covering the empirical analysis and one covering the theory. They are meant to be two connected parts of the same work.

Managing Counterparty Risk in OTC Markets (with C. Frei and C. Brunetti). Major Revision at Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (preprint)   

Multiregional Oligopoly with Capacity Constraints (with. H. Alsabah, B. Bernard, G. Iyengar, and J. Sethuraman). Management Science. Forthcoming (preprint)
Bail-Ins and Bail-Outs: Incentives, Connectivity, and Systemic Stability (with B. Bernard and J. Stiglitz). (NBER, preprint). Revise and Resubmit at the Journal of Political Economy. Press coverage: Vox, Financial Times

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A Dynamic Network Model of Interbank Lending: Systemic Risk and Liquidity Provisioning (with X. Sun and D. Yao). Mathematics of Operations Research. Forthcoming (preprint

Swing Pricing for Mutual Funds: Breaking the Feedback Loop Between Fire Sales and Fund Runs (with P. Glasserman and M. Weber). Management Science. Forthcoming (preprint)

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Counterparty Risk
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Portfolio Selection
Power Forward Performance in Semimartingale Markets with Stochastic Integrated Factors (with L. Bo and C. Zhou). (preprint)

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Principal/Agent Problems
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Stochastic Filtering
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Book Chapters, Practitioner and Policy Papers
Derivative Clearinghouses: Collateral Management and Policy Implications. Ten Years after the Crash. Financial Crises and Regulatory Responses, Chap. 23, pp. 371-383. Edited by Sharyn O' Halloran and Thomas Groll. Columbia University Press, 2019. 2 mins promo

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